Since 2018 I’ve been working together with the choreographer Ben J. Riepe on different projects as a composer, producer and music performer. It started with a project at the Düsseldorf Opera and continued with two or three projects a year at many festivals and theaters. Further dates are regularly announced on my website.


Disclaimer: some of the music used in trailers (because of the copyright reasons) is not created by me and is chosen and used only by the content creator and/or the respected cultural institution. The music composed by me can only be heard during the performances and has not been published at any point by any label/publisher. 


Deutsche Oper am Rhein.

Photo: Alexander Basile

Geister_Fragment XL

Tanz NRW Festival

Photo: Ben J. Riepe


Die Digitale Düsseldorf

Photo: Alexander Basile

Geister_Say Goodbye

Theater Osnabrück

Photo: Jörg Landsberg

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